Everybody Loves Cash… Deals*

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We all love cash transactions. Generally they are smooth and logistically easier than closings with lender financing. While there are a few issues that you as a Realtor do not have to address with a cash closing (i.e., lending), there are so many other issues that you need to make sure your client is aware of. Below are some points that you want to make sure you have addressed with your buyer (although the closing attorney should be addressing many of them at the closing).

Two Years in a Row!

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Best Lawyer in Savannah – 2017 Connect Savannah

I am pleased and humbled to announce I was selected as Best Lawyer in the Connect Savannah 2017 Best of Savannah issue for the second consecutive year. As a closing attorney, I have the opportunity to work with the best and brightest Realtors in the area (including Chatham, Bryan, Effingham, Liberty and Bulloch Counties). Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to work with you and your incredible clients.

Investment Property Contract Must Haves

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What Every Selling Agent Must Put In The Contract

Many of you have handled a transaction involving an investment property. And as you know there are a number of contract issues that you must address that are not involved with the closing of a primary residence. I wanted to use this post to put all of those issues into one article. Now every deal is different, but the issues below are fairly common for any occupied investment property.

The Lease

You should include a requirement in the contract that the seller will provide a full copy of the lease within three days of the Binding Agreement Date. Why is this so important? Your client needs to make sure he or she is comfortable with the terms of the lease (i.e., rental rate, lease term, etc.). At closing the lease will be assigned from the seller to the buyer effectively making the buyer the new landlord. If the lease terms are not favorable based on your client’s investment goals you will want to make this determination during due diligence so your client can terminate the contract.


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