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Important Change To The 2017 Community Association Disclosure – Listing Agents Beware

Back in May 2016, I posted an article regarding disputes arising between the buyer and seller in connection with the Community Association Disclosure (“CAD”). The issue that frequently caused problems was that while the seller was filling out the CAD to the best of his or her knowledge, the seller either (1) failed to include all of the relevant fees, charges, etc. on the CAD or (2) was unaware of some of the same (i.e., transfer fee). If the seller failed to include a fee or charge on the CAD, arguably it was not clear whether the buyer or seller was responsible for paying those fees at closing. My advice to the selling agents was to attempt to contact the HOA to confirm the accuracy of the information included in the CAD during the due diligence period.

Realtor Tip of the Week: Is Your Seller Deceased?

Written by Joel Gerber. Posted in Closing Tips, Real Estate

Over the past several months, I have had a number of closings delayed because the seller or one of the sellers was deceased. You have many issues to address during your initial listing appointment, but this is a significant matter that shouldn’t be overlooked. Below are suggestions to eliminate or minimize a delay to your closing.

Prior to the first meeting with a prospective seller, research who actually owns the property. You can accomplish this by obtaining a copy of the deed through the Georgia Clerks Authority’s website ( There is a cost associated with this website, but many of the brokerages already have an account. As long as the individual(s) on the most current deed are at the listing appointment and sign the listing agreement you are good to go (assuming they remain alive through the day of closing). Do not rely on the property record card. These cards are only updated once a year and are not necessarily accurate as it relates to ownership.

Realtor Tip of the Week

Written by Joel Gerber. Posted in Closing Tips, Real Estate

You Should Consider An Early Walk-Through Inspection

Over the past several months I have been getting calls the day of or the night before closing regarding repairs that had not yet been completed or items that had been removed from the property that were supposed to remain. Whether you are the selling or listing agent, this is the last thing that want to be dealing with at this time. This post will provide a few suggestions on how to hopefully minimize the chance of this happening on one of your closings.


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