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Confirm the Accuracy of the Community Association Disclosure

With increasing frequency I have received calls from agents regarding the seller’s failure to disclose certain fees on the Community Association Disclosure (“CAD”). These calls are coming just a few days before closings as the settlement statements are distributed to the parties. Those conversations are going something like this:

The selling agent says:
“The seller stated there was no transfer or capital contribution fee.”

The listing agent says:
“The seller had no clue there was a transfer or capital contribution fee.”

Best Real Estate Closing App Ever!

Written by Joel Gerber. Posted in Closing Tips, Real Estate

How many times has your client asked what will my closing costs be? And how many times have you had to call or email the law firm who is conducting the closing to obtain this information?

PrintWell never again! I am please to introduce my new desktop and mobile app (and yes it will change your life forever).

The app will allow you to generate instant closing cost figures, seller net sheets, title quotes and pre-HUDs. You can then email these figures directly to your client from the app by keying in his or her email address.

Oh yeah – it’s that easy!

The app (1) comes with a built-in mortgage calculator which includes closing costs for when your buyer needs to know how much he or she will have to pay for a home he or she wants to purchase and (2) features a seller’s net sheet tool for all your clients who have a listing and want to know how much they’re going to net after all is said and done.

So How Do You Register?

All you have to do, is click on this link -> BSS Closing App. Then just click on the orange button to “Create Free Account”, key in your details and you’re good to go.

Please Note: The figures generated by this app are specific to real estate closings at Brannen, Searcy & Smith, LLP.

As always, if you need help with anything at all, please do not hesitate to contact me anytime at (912) 484-1996 (even nights and weekends) or email me at

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Death and Divorce and Bankruptcy, Oh, My!

Written by Joel Gerber. Posted in Closing Tips, Real Estate

Important Questions Every Listing Agent Should Ask

As you know, there are many facets to the closing process. Some you can control and some you cannot. Many of the issues you cannot control on the selling side, however, can be well managed if addressed early. By asking some basic questions up front, a listing agent is the best person to initially identify some of these issues. While a few of the questions that should be asked are personal in nature, knowing the answers will allow you to help your seller (and the closing attorney) prepare for a smooth closing.


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