While Your Closing Attorney Must Be Great – The Closing Paralegal MUST Be AMAZING!

Written by Joel Gerber. Posted in Real Estate

So we all know the saying that behind ever great man is an even better woman. While that is true in my household (no, I’m not calling myself great, it’s just an expression), it also holds true (times two) in my office. Yes, the closing attorney often times is what first attracts a realtor or a buyer to a particular closing office; and yes, the attorney reviews the title and deals with issues on problem files; and yes, the attorney conducts the closing, BUT there is so much more involved on a typical closing and that is where the closing paralegal MUST be AMAZING.

So what makes a closing paralegal AMAZING? The following is what I believe are the qualities and characteristics of such a paralegal.

  1. The paralegal must be NICE, PROFESSIONAL and COURTEOUS to all buyers, sellers, realtors, lenders, etc. The paralegal must realize that without the borrower or the realtor (or the lender or insurance professional) there is no closing. These individuals are what allow us to do what we love doing. A great paralegal understands that each one of them must be treated like they are the only buyer, seller or realtor we work with (obviously that is just how each of them need to feel otherwise I wouldn’t be in business).
  2. The paralegal must have an incredible amount of KNOWLEDGE regarding the entire closing process as a whole and how each part impacts the other. You really can’t teach this as it just comes with time and experience. Nevertheless, it’s critical to success.
  3. The paralegal must be able to provide the borrower or realtor (checking in on the borrower’s behalf) with TIMELY information about a closing. Knowing everything about one’s file (or in some cases the other paralegal’s file in an office with more than one paralegal) is essential.
  4. The paralegal must be incredibly RESPONSIVE to all emails and telephone messages. Realtors are professionals, and like all professionals most are very, very busy. When a realtor has a question or needs information they deserve to get that question answered or information provided as soon as possible – anything less is slowing the realtor down and impacting their business.
  5. The paralegal must have an amazing ATTENTION TO DETAIL. From start to finish, closings are all about the details.
  6. The paralegal must be PROACTIVE. Anticipating problems and thinking ahead usually prevent almost any issue that can arise in connection with a closing. I truly believe this is the difference between a good paralegal and an AMAZING one.

This was one of the easiest blog posts I ever written. Why? Because all I had to do was list out the qualities and characteristics of the two paralegals in my office. They are the NUMBER ONE reason why my office runs as smooth as it does. I cannot tell you the number of compliments I receive on a weekly basis about the two paralegals in my office – from buyers to sellers to selling agents to listing agents – it truly is AMAZING. If you have any questions regarding this post, please contact me at (912) 484-1996 or jgerber@brannenlaw.com

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