Preparing Short Sale HUD’s – Do We Charge For It? – NO WAY

Written by Joel Gerber. Posted in Real Estate

I recently received two inquiries regarding preparation of short sale HUDs. They wanted to know whether I charged a fee in connection with working up and preparing the HUD. The answer is NO. While we know that not all short sales are approved, we still have to try. The realtors involved with a short sale spend a great deal of time pulling together the contract.  The closing attorney is a critical part of a realtor’s team and must spend whatever time is necessary to quickly prepare the short sale HUD. At times, failing to timely prepare a short sale HUD can be the difference between getting the deal done or missing the boat.

The bottom line is you MUST have a closing attorney that understands the time-sensitive nature of preparing an accurate short sale HUD.  Other than closings actually happening in the office that day, preparing short sale HUDs are one of our top priorities each and every day. If you would like to discuss in more detail how my office handles the preparation of short sale HUDs, please call me on my cell (912-484-1996) anytime or by email –

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