Closing Tip: Buyer’s Wires – REVISTED

Written by Joel Gerber. Posted in Closing Tips, Real Estate

Many of the buyers I work with (not only first time home buyers) have never sent a wire. While most law firms will accept a certified, bank check for an amount less than $5,000.00, amounts exceeding $5,000.00 generally must be sent to the closing attorney’s firm by wire. While it a customary practice of mine to discuss this issue during my first phone conversation with the buyer (usually made within 48 hours of receiving a purchase and sales agreement), this is not standard practice at most closing attorneys’ offices. So no matter what closing attorney is handling the transaction, it would be a great practice to address a potential wire scenario early on. Even if you address it early on (as I do), you should also remind them of this potential issue again a week or so before the closing because (as we all know) buyers have so much on his/her mind leading up to a closing and you do not want this potentially time-sensitive issue slipping his/her mind. Let me provide you a few examples of situations your client does not want to find himself/herself in.


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